48 Hours of Prayer

From 9am Friday 11th April until 9am on Sunday 13th April

We invited the church family (and visitors) to take some time out and listen to God. Gave folk space to encounter Him.

This is the eleventh and twelfth full 24 hours of prayer that we have as a church undertaken.

The result – a tangible sense of the Presence of God, with many witnessing that atmosphere as they entered into an Encounter with God.

Again time was warped – as 1-2 even 3 hours disappeared in what seemed like 15 minutes. Through the watches of the night in a glorious relay – one handed on the baton of prayer and soaking to the next and some special God moments were created as some came out of turn and ended up in deeper fellowship and prayer for others that were taking their “slot”.

Then on the Sunday, after a brief tidy up and organise, we were packed out on available seating for our Palm Sunday Service.  The worship was joyful, noisy and colourful, with banners, flags, streamers  and improvised instruments in the congregation and praise offered to the King who comes amongst us.  Thank you Jesus – King of Kings.