72 Hours of Prayer for All the Churches

TBC is hosting a 72 hours of prayer starting at 9am on Thursday 5th November. All the churches in CTTC and any other Christians in the village are very welcome to come and take one of the many slots available. Alongside the 1 hours slots for unto 4 individuals there are also 5 opportunities to … [Read more…]

Promoting the message – Our God Heals

As a Leadership Team we investigated promoting the message of God’s healing being made widely available. Over the last few months we have been taking part in the Community market on Toddington Village Green. We wanted an eye catching, high quality, and bold banner to draw folks in. ┬áThat would be easy to take down … [Read more…]

48 Hours of Prayer

From 9am Friday 11th April until 9am on Sunday 13th April We invited the church family (and visitors) to take some time out and listen to God. Gave folk space to encounter Him. This is the eleventh and twelfth full 24 hours of prayer that we have as a church undertaken. The result – a … [Read more…]