Remember – 48 Hours of Prayer Event

TBC is hosting another 48 hours of prayer for all Christians from across the churches to join in during the Rememberance weekend.

Starting on Friday 11th November at 9am and running through to Remembrance Sunday and ending just before the joint Service on the Green.

Anyone can sign up either on line here on the website or by contacting Pastor Scott Carr

72 Hours of Prayer for All the Churches

TBC is hosting a 72 hours of prayer starting at 9am on Thursday 5th November.

All the churches in CTTC and any other Christians in the village are very welcome to come and take one of the many slots available.

Alongside the 1 hours slots for unto 4 individuals there are also 5 opportunities to join together as a larger group. On each evening and the Saturday afternoon,

through to the finale onebreakfast timed to end just before the Remembrance Service on the Green, when the whole community joins together.

To sign up for one or more slots click on the link below and go to sign up…

You can check back later to see who else is booked in, or to add extra slots.

If you have any queries contact Scott.

Kenya Trip 2015 – Report and Reflections

Team: Scott & Josh Carr, John & Jenny Akpeki, Ray Morris, Kieth Sparks and Stuart Parkins.


In March 2015 a team from the UK flew to Western Kenya and undertook:

Three day pastors conference at LHM Bible school in Kisumu,

Women’s and youth conferences running in parallel.

Saturday community celebration attended by approx. 300 including arch bishops, bishops and government representatives.

Visits with day conferences at Siaya, Kakamega and Kisii.



This trip was characterised by Revelation 3:8 (given at 48 hours of prayer in November at Toddington Baptist) – God was setting before us an Opened Door.

We were met at Kisumu airport for the first time by Arch Bishop Washington Ngede. He had enough influence to usher us into the VIP lounge at the new airport – a place usually saved for visiting ambassadors and government employees and MPs.

In fact as we signed the visitors’ book and sat in the same chairs that the President and Prime minister had previous used, we were introduced to the MP for Kisumu East – the Hon. Shakeel Shabbir Ahmed, who explained that he followed all three major religions! After talking with him a little and explaining our visit he allowed us to speak a blessing over him as a representative of the people in that area. This kind of encounter was to be repeated again and again as we seemed to be fully under the favour of the Father and were placed to release that favour to Kenya through its people and officials. On Friday we were welcomed into both county and district offices and met those in charge of the whole area, it’s administration and it’s security. It was interesting that in at least two of those offices the person we were introduced to were spirit filled Christians. When we offered to speak blessing and offer prayer they were more than happy to join in!

Kisumu, like the rest of Kenya was in the midst of a very serious drought – with no rain falling since November. Yet in the very first office we visited and spoke to a lovely Christian – Susan, we started to bless her and then prophesied that God would end the drought that day, and that this would be a sign to her of the start of a year of favour to Kisumu and Kenya and that she would see dramatic changes. In fact rain was forecast for Sunday night – but actually started falling in Kisumu on the Friday evening as the team closed the day with prayer.

Dr Washington and his wife Phoebe were very instrumental in opening doors for us. On the final day he came to ask if we would stay for an extra day as he had been invited by the government to bless the opening of new law courts in Kisumu. Apparently over the last 3-4 years since Mr Ralia Odinga had become prime minister, on an anti corruption ticket, he had begun devolution of power and resources from Nairobi to the 42 states (Kisumu included) around the country. The result was that more money was made available for roads (we saw many being built and improved) and new law courts. All we week we had been teaching from Ephesians and telling the pastors to speak blessing ad declare Kenya to be a country free from corruption, now Washington came to tell us about the courts.

We even presented a New King James Bible to him so that he in turn could present it to the Chief justice of Kenya the following day and that the new law courts would have a symbol to swear in testimony in future. Another open door.

The actual conferences were much more well attended than we had previously seen. In Kisumu there was approximately 200 in the main conference and on the Saturday we would estimate there to have been more than 300.

They were especially delighted with attendee certificates and the presentation of module certificates that were given to over 50 students.

Some plans had to be changed as one of our primary jobs was to unload and distribute the container of aid that had previously been sent from Feed His People out of Leighton Buzzard. Unfortunately the ship was delayed further up the coast before it reached Mombasa over a week late. Yet somehow even this “disaster” worked together for good, as Kieth and Stuart were able to spend more time working with the trustees of Osare Home and doing some basic work with them to improve the standards of care at the home.

It also allowed us to select in advance representatives of each community that would help in this coming week to divide up and distribute fairly the resources we have sent – without us being there to either hinder or to take any credit. When the food comes it will hopefully be distributed fairly as a gift directly from Jesus to feed His people.

On the second week, our focus as a team was further afield and we did a lot of travelling on the new roads. On Monday we visited Siaya and Bodi (breaking into two teams – again and again we thanked the Lord for the diversity and gifting in the team this year that allowed multiplication of ministry). On Tuesday we visited Kakamega and A lovely couple – Ignatius and Eunice who not only led the church and opened the conference for us but also welcomed us into their home, despite still grieving the loss of their son the previous week.

Wednesday we travelled the furthest to Kisii which initially proved to be a challenge because there was a sense of disunity in the town as some did not want to work with others. However we met an amazing bishop there called Liston who tried to bring everyone together and we had real liberty in preaching and teaching a very packed church.   Josh and John also were taken further a field and in a gathering of a couple of rural churches preached and then ministered with over 15 folks being healed and giving testimony. In fact over the two weeks we would conservatively estimate around 40 folks were healed and a few became Christians for the first time, largely from hearing a gospel of the kingdom and the offer of grace.


Quotes from some of the team:



“The trip for me was filled with anticipation,  I knew God was going to do something  new, from the reading of the book “The Grace Outpouring” it changed my expectations in to more of faith. l had some questions that were answered. From the landing and being received by bishop Washington to the meeting of the various officials I could see God was preparing us for something special, what will be done will I believe happen  well after we have all gone, God is preparing Kisumu. I believe the bishops will change their attitudes and churches will work together more and show non-believers the way to work in unity. Ephesians was a great book to study and blessing all we came into contact with was powerful.”



“I discovered: That doors were open for us in Kenya in a different way from other trips.

I observed: that women are treated in a different manner from their male Christian counterparts but were encouraged with the message that was taught at the women’s conferences and encouraged one another in their faith. They had an admirable fervor for the word of God.

I enjoyed: Speaking to women who were suffering from HIV or Aids and seeing them released from the emotional stigma and free to walk with Christ without feeling the bondage of judgment from other Christians.”



“I discovered  in Kisii, that even though we are Christians, pride can get in the way of our ministry and weaken the witness.

I observed, that the people were hungry to hear the word of God and were responsive to it.

I enjoyed the team’s togetherness and team’s spirit. I enjoyed going to different towns, villages and hamlet’s to teach the word of God.”



“This trip for me was a massive learning curve and an incredible demonstration of God’s love for Kenya. We managed more teaching to consecutive groups than ever before and I personally had the privilege of teaching a group of youth and youth leaders who were hungry for the word of God. Time and time again I saw God break through with healings and answers to prayer. On one occasion 15 people were healed in a session with just over 40 adults. God constantly reminded me that we are working under His great plan and gave me the strength to continue and bring about His kingdom in Kenya. I’m excited about what is to come for the Living Hope Bible Schools in Kenya as I have never seen a group of people who are so hungry for the word of God.”



“God did what He promised, to run a trip His way, with His agenda to bless, that He would open the door for us and release the blessing He desired. In 9/10 trips to Kenya this trip was total unique – Lord I want more of this for all of us working with Living Hope Ministries – Show us your favor so that we might be blessing to every country we enter.”

Into the Light – Worship and Ministry Evening



Into the Light Poster

A healing that opened eyes…

Another testimony of healing – this time it was during the Saturday evening celebration… A lady, Nicola, came up to testify what had just happened. She suffered from congenital cataracts and had been prayed for during the morning without obvious change. And again that evening by another adult, again felt no change, when a little girl ( she had come with her parents to the celebration and had been sitting on their laps until the time of prayer) had wandered up to her and touched her saying a very simple prayer. Immediately Nicola felt change and when she looked over to the new TBC banner that simply said “Jesus asks:’Do you realise what I have done for you’ John 13:12, in a green script on a blue background. Suddenly she could read the letters, so then she tried reading the pop up banner that declares : “Healing offered here” in bold letters but also has a verse as a faint text behind. Nicola could read it all. Her eyesight was completely changed. It seems that in God’s Presence, with the faith of a child, we can begin to see that which is front of us all along, it is by His stripes we are already healed… And that on the cross He paid for more than just our ticket to heaven. But for life now, life in all it’s fullness. Father open OUR eyes, so that we might realise what Jesus has already done for us.

..healing poster 1

A lady healed and freed from the past

Healing in the Presence… A further testimony from the conference,
given the following morning by James, her husband. Lyn has defined herself partly by an incident of her past. Hit by a truck when she was 7 years old, she has always had a bad back, with a lump and on one side and in fact one side visibly different from the other. During the celebration, Lyn didn’t consider standing for prayer during the ministry time but God had other ideas and soon she felt a tingling in her back which she mentioned to James later that evening as they returned home. The following morning all the familiar pain had gone, but more than this both sides of her back now matched and the lump had simply dissolved… God had tangibly demonstrated to Lyn that she is not defined or restricted by the past – He is the God of the I AM, and is the one that makes her whole and restored – even as she rests in His Presence.

Triple testimony of a 14 year old

Another testimony from the weekend for those that haven’t listened yet to the Sunday morning summary that Simeon gave in the service… Simeon has had an amazing month… a few weeks before the conference he had a dream about Jesus one night when he was away at his grandmas – in the dream he was praying for healing from his childhood excema and allergies, God showed him all those that were praying for him and when he woke up – he was completely free from the redness and scratching..
Then 3 days before the conference he was at his first senior school rugby practice, was tackled by a 6th former and wrenched his left thumb, and was in so much pain that evening that he went first to the doctors and then A&E. The x-ray showed that it was not broken but muscles were torn/bruised and he would be a week or so with pain and unable to write. On Friday night Esther prayed for the thumb and the pain lessened and she told him to keep thanking God, he did and the following morning he was able to write, text and use his thumb normally again. All this encouraged SImeon so that when one man stood up for prayer in front of him he immediately stepped up to pray for him. His name is David and he had a leaky heart value (having had open heart surgery 8 years before) and also through tests had diagnosed him with an aortic embolism, this gave him dizziness and shortness of breath, which he was feeling as he stood up. Once Simeon prayed for him all the dizziness went and he felt something, he told Simeon that he had a CT and ultrascan booked in for Sept 19th – to which Simeon replied – “That’s my 14th Birthday”!.
David (76yrs) is convinced that the tests will show that the embolism has dissolved and that he has a new heart valve, he hopes to ring Simeon to tell him the news tomorrow… Finally in the evening session Simeon was prompted to pray for a lady who had been having intense headaches for over a week. As soon as he laid his hand on her the pain lessened – after three attempts all the pain was gone…
Esther commented at the time – that God was showing the adults in the room that we should take a leaf out of the a child’s experience – simply go do it and not think about it – simply trust and do.

Watching a leg grow out!

Sunday mornings testimony time followed by Chris Lane’s insight into what God is doing amongst us – that He is good and it is His nature…
Has just been added to the website for download

It was during this service that I (Scott) personally saw a leg grow out as I held it in my hand just an inch or so – and surprisingly not the whole way that was needed…but it excited me!

Instant and delayed healing of the same lady

A further testimony from the weekend – God is SO good at what He does, it is His nature to BE healing.
One lady from our congregation, seemed to have many reasons to stand up in the evening celebration, when back problem, frozen shoulder, arthritis and extreme anxiety were called out as words of knowledge, she qualified herself, through need for all these things… Well she gave testimony that now the back pain had mostly gone and she could now touch her toes – which she did there and then, the anxiety also seemed to have lifted but the following morning after church she mentioned that she still could not lift her right arm over eye hight, it was stiff and there was lots of pain. So we just lifted her arm and prayed a simple prayer of release. When we had finished she still felt the pain and still could not lift it, but as I greeted her the following morning (Monday) – she waved her arm over her head – all stiffness and pain had gone, new shoulder, new back.
Every time we pray and receive prayer, something happens, here we see that sometimes the results are instant, other times a process is started and complete healing comes later, after we celebrate and thank Him for what He has done and continues to do… Not getting disappointed, not getting offended, and keep thanking, keep trusting that God is healing and He is totally for us…

Healing of Back Pain

Over the next few days we will be posting some of the amazing testimonies from the conference and beyond – the thing is the power of each testimony of what Jesus has done is having a ripple effect… So if you have further testimony about the impact of the Spirit from this event please message here and we’ll add it to the posts.

Here is the first one in the morning session – two ladies both with chronic back pain were healed, the first instantly lost all pain the other lost about 80% and after prayer lost the rest both the pain in her back and hip.

As we were learning over the weekend – just reading the above might be all YOU need (if you have back pain right now) to trust Father God as your healer and receive relief and strength RIGHT NOW.