Rock Ministries is a Ugandan project based in a suburb of Kampala, called Kitetikka.  As well as being a church, and now a group of planted congregations, it is also a primary and secondary school. It cares for young people from nursery to 6th form and around 100 students leave with exam qualifications each year.  The school is part fee paying and they also have a group of borders, some of whom are “total orphans”.

The director of this project is Bishop Peter Kasozi and his wife Rose is the primary school headmistress. Peter has many roles, including pastor, farmer (Rock Ministries has been developing some farm land so that food can be brought in regularly to the school) as well as Ugandan director of the UK based charity Living Hope Ministries, which TBC supports.

Support for the school comes partly from the local community, partly from those who are able to pay some fees and also from the wider church community, both in Uganda and further afield in England, Ireland and even one or two folks in America.

Scott, our minster’s involvement with Peter and Rose started in 2001 and in total he has made 5 visits to the work in Kitetikka. He has also hosted Peter, Rose and occasionally a small group of students that form the Messenger Choir.

Over the last two years Scott has led a team from TBC to visit the Kitetikka school and in 2011 started links with Parkfields Middle School.  Initially, a Gospel CD was produced called Let Us SIng!  Joshua Carr produced this by blending English and Uganda school children’s voices with UK gospel artists Beverley Trotman and Shadrack Stone.  This co-operative venture has so far raised over £1000 towards a new dinner shelter and covered area in Kitetikka. It also paved the way for the 2012 visit ( you can read the report here)  and the twinning of UK and Ugandan schools, with Mrs Lake, a teacher from Parkfields joining the TBC team and spending her half term teaching at Peter and Rose’s school.

You can see photos from the latest trip here

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