Promoting the message – Our God Heals

As a Leadership Team we investigated promoting the message of God’s healing being made widely available.

Over the last few months we have been taking part in the Community market on Toddington Village Green.

We wanted an eye catching, high quality, and bold banner to draw folks in.  That would be easy to take down to the Green and would be freestanding immediately on set up.

After scouring some Christian specialist publicity sites, we landed on an excellent professional site that offered the best price on the highest quality product.

One of the members of the fellowship, was able to create the eye catching design and simply upload the picture direct to the company (called Discount Banner Printing)  website.   Then for an absolute bargain price we received the banner, postage free and including roll up stand, just a few days later.

We would highly recommend this company, they were quick, professional and ordering was a breeze. We are already working on another design, to create a second roll up banner to use in a few weeks time in our Easter service.

healing poster 1